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Boxy Concepts Hat Rack 10 Shelf Hanging Closet Hat Organizer for Hat Storage - Protect Your Caps & Keep Them in Great Condition - Easy Hat Holder & Baseball Cap Organizer

Brand New

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04/18/2024, 6:59 PM EST

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MSRP is a sample online retail price.

Boxy Concepts
Brand New
Color:1 Pack SAFE HAT STORAGE THE EASY WAYEvery hat wearer has the same problem.It’s the same if you enjoy rocking a snapback, it’s the same if you’re more of a flat-brim kinda guy, and it’s especially true if you can pull off a fedora. And the more hats you have the bigger this problem gets.So what’s this problem? It’s the fact that whenever you’re not wearing it, each hat in your carefully-chosen collection needs to be stored somewhere.So do you hang it with the jackets on the wall? Sure, it’ll keep getting knocked off though, just as it always does.Do you place it on the coat stand? Maybe, if you don’t mind it getting squashed and having its shape ruined.It’s the same story every time - if you wear hats, you need a great place to store them. You need a specialist hat-storing product made just for your needs.And that means you need a 10-item storing Hat Rack by Boxy Concepts. So give your hats a proper home today - click ADD TO CART and buy now!It’s The Hat Rack Your Home Needs!Store up to 10+ hatsKeep your hats damage-freeStop your hats from losing their shape59 inches in height to fit most closetsSolid easy-use velcro strap for hangingCompact efficient design that saves on storage spaceWill my hat fit inside?This Hat Rack is designed to fit most hats. Each cell measures 5.8 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 12 inches deep.How is this better than other hat storage products?Few other products allow you to store so many hats in space without squashing your precious headwear up. Many also fail to keep your hats horizontal, which can ruin the shape of certain types.Try it, we’re confident you’ll never need anything else to store your hats in again. Don’t believe it? You get a 30-day money back guarantee with each order, meaning you can buy 100% doubt-free.
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9.7 inches
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Brand New
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1825 Webster Street, Dayton OH 45414
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